This online exhibition explores the background to the opening of Garnethill Synagogue in 1879. Find out about some of the groups and activities connected with the synagogue and learn about some of the early members of the congregation. The exhibition is based on material from the collection of the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre.

Exhibition Sections

Building a Synagogue at Garnethill

Find out how the funds were raised, and how the synagogue opening was reported in the press.


The background to the congregation’s move to Garnethill and some of the founding congregation members.

From Cradle to Grave

As the congregation moved to the Garnethill area, find out how key life stages and festivals were recorded in the building’s archives.


Read about the range of organisations founded by the original congregation.

Thanks & Credits

  • The National Lottery Heritage Fund funded the exhibition and events programme as part of the creation of the Scottish Jewish Heritage Centre.
  • Volunteers Sam Smart, Sandra Silverdale and Sarah Freeman and SJAC staff researched and developed the exhibition.
  • Volunteers Amalya Ashman, Debra Clapham, Nicola McGuigan, Bertha Selby and Chloe Fogelson contributed in the early development of the exhibition.
  • Yvonne Livingstone assisted with contemporary photography.
  • National Library of Scotland gave permission to reproduce the map in ‘Foundations’: The New Plan of Glasgow is available for re-use under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 4.0 International Licence. Available here:

All images in this exhibition are in copyright, and appear courtesy of the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre unless stated otherwise. Images should not be reproduced without permission. Exhibition text is © Scottish Jewish Archives Centre & Scottish Jewish Heritage Centre 2021

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